Take Your Life Back

with Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner Julia Harris


I know what it feels like to be lost in life and business... to feel like you are drowning in overwhelm, self doubt and to-do lists. Just like you I knew there was more to life and that I was solely responsible for the outcomes I achieved.

You are right, there is more to life... and you know those big dreams you have... the ones that your friends and family don't even pretend to understand... you are capable of achieving them too. You just need support and guidance, motivation and mindset, tools and strategies....

Everything you need to achieve your goals is available on the Internet, in blog posts, Facebook groups, online programs etc.etc. BUT it's all too much!

I work with clients to transform their current situation by making sure they have the right tools and the right support. There is no one size fits all road map to success

Let’s put all of hype and hustle behind you. Let’s do it together with ease and flow!

beliefs and breakthroughs club


A Members Only Site For Women Who Want A Bigger Bolder Brighter Life. Get access to:

  • Personal coaching via monthly group coaching calls
  • Interviews with guest experts
  • Tools for mindset success
  • Strategies to take back control of life and LOTS MORE


Are you sick and tired of feeling guilty, exhausted, stressed out, having no time to yourself and of feeling like a failure at home and work?

Solution: The Calm Mum Bootcamp takes you through a system that really works to help you have more time and energy, less stress and guilt and a happier family life in less than 6 weeks

This is an online programme with support from me in a private Facebook group.​