How To Cope When You’re In A Pit Of Despair

pit of despair

One of my most popular free ebooks is “The Busy Womans Energy Guide”   <<<Click to get a copy

However I’m the first to admit that sometimes the advice in the ebook is “too little too late”. The guide is for women who are managing to juggle the balls most of the time. Maybe balls are being dropped more often but at least to the outside work youre holding it all together.

What happens when it all comes crashing down around you though and you end up of work or so ill you have to cancel appointments with clients. I know what that feels like, that is exactly what happened to me a few year ago and I was dropped into a pit of despair that lead to me walking away from a career that I had loved at one time.

I was devastated so I’m now passionate about helping women to do what they need to do so they don’t get to that stage. But if you are already in that very dark and lonely pit of despair then this is a video you need to watch

More Resources To Cope With The Pit Of Despair

If you are going through something similar then following resources will help.

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  • Olivia says:

    Hi Julia

    I am really enjoying the videos and blogs. Am getting so much from them. Can identify so much with you on the video on how to cope at the pit of dispair. I love your honesty and can relate so much. I am working hard on finding my true identity and being grateful. You are really helping me. Thank you Olivia x

    • Julia Harris says:

      Hi Olivia, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment letting me know it was helpful. The webinar I’m planning soon will help with finding your true identity x

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