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Perfectionism Hurts Your Business

I used to be a slave to perfectionism.  I soon learned that was a sure way to get nowhere fast in business. If someone is offended by a typo in my blog  post then they aren’t my ideal customer.

But being on camera is something I’ve never been very comfortable with. One of my early mentors told me that I wasn’t “high energy” enough on my videos and I needed to smile more.

That knocked my confidence because doing videos that the whole world could see them was way outside my comfort zone. But I’ve always challenged myself to “feel the fear and do it anyway”

I’ve been told my whole life to “SMILE, ITS NOT THAT BAD!!”.

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The Power of a Posse

I understand perfectly  that our beliefs hold us back. But I still have plenty of them that I allow to get in the way. We all have them.

The difference is I know what mine are, so sometimes I beat myself up because I “should” be able to get rid of them. After all I help other women with theirs every day. When I go through a self critical phase thankfully I can usually turn it around quickly!

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