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Learn To Love Yourself

Do you love yourself?

Whether your Facebook status says single, in a relationship, married, divorced or the oh so intriguing to others “it’s complicated” love should start within…

In the words of Justin Bieber:

YOU should go and love yourself

Many of us are lucky enough to have a few people in our life that we love; children, parents, friends, siblings… And all of those relationships are important but you are the most important person in your life.  But if you are tired of tearing your hair out and want to take your life back then its vital that you look after yourself first if you are going to have any hope of juggling all of those balls and staying sane!

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Just Press Pause

how to recharge

Have women forgotten how to recharge and why it is so important because lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts that MAKE ME MAD!!

I keep seeing posts from women on a mission to change their life (and usually the life of others too) by saying “screw you” to the status quo and doing whatever it takes to build a profitable business around existing commitments.


BUT they are driving themself  INTO THE GROUND trying to do it!!

Some of those people are getting results… but they aren’t sustainable… some of those people are getting ZERO results because they are drowning in to-do lists, switching from one thing to the next, never finishing anything and doubting themself more and more every day. Continue reading

Need More Time?

need more time

“HELP, I need more time…!”

Unfortunately one of the first things I hear when I first start working with a new client is “I need more time”, they tell me about the stress they are under because of everything they need to juggle!

I often get asked for recommendations for productivity apps or ways to improve work life balance. Something else I hear a lot is “I just don’t have enough time” or “it will be easier when…the kids”

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8 Simple Stress Relief Tips

strategies for less stress

Most of us wouldn’t think of stress relief tips as lifesavers but…

Stress is one of the biggest health problems faced by people every day. Often we think of stress as part of life or something that we just have to accept. In a way that’s true, very few people never have any stress at all but it can literally be a killer unless stress relief tips become part of your day!

Stress can be a motivator and we all have a different tolerance for stress. However chronic stress can creep up on us slowly and get such a tight grip that it becomes debilitating. Chronic stress can lead to a variety of health problems as well. This is why it’s important that you learn how to handle everyday stress in a healthy way.

Below are 8 simple stress relief tips to help you live a better life

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Does Money Stress You Out?

I’m feeling really pleased with myself lately because this is THE FIRST YEAR EVER that I haven’t used debt / credit to pay for Christmas. For a long time, I had the belief that I was bad with money and there was simply nothing I could do about that. I WAS bad with money, that was true, no matter how much I earned I simply could not save or live within a budget. Money stress was a problem for me even when I had a good job so when money was tight after first starting my business the money stress just got worse and worse, especially around Christmas!

But I knew that believing I couldn’t change was holding me back. After all what is the point of growing a successful business if I had nothing to show for it. So I set about changing my beliefs…

You might find this a little surprising, but saving money is a state of mind. Successfully stashing away your cash to achieve a goal and sticking to it when something shiny comes along takes an attitude, not just a few simple tricks.

Here’s how you can develop the right attitude and start working towards your goal today so money stress becomes a thing of the past. Continue reading

The Power of a Posse

I understand perfectly  that our beliefs hold us back. But I still have plenty of them that I allow to get in the way. We all have them.

The difference is I know what mine are, so sometimes I beat myself up because I “should” be able to get rid of them. After all I help other women with theirs every day. When I go through a self critical phase thankfully I can usually turn it around quickly!

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What Are You Tolerating?

Imagine having more energy or more time to focus on the things you really want. Imagine being able to move forward in your life without some of your current stress. Doesn’t that sound good?

We all have things in our life that we just put up with or tolerate, for example, a cluttered desk, a squeaky door, a sloppy significant other or child, even STRESS. While the tolerations may not seem to be a big deal on the surface…don’t be fooled, they all mount up!!

Tolerations drain us of valuable energy. They prevent us from moving forward. They are a distraction and they waste time, time that could be spent on something proactive and productive. Continue reading