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I thought I’d given up shame

I have just been for a run and the universe was definitely sending me signs.

First I ran past a penny on the ground. If you are at all spiritual you will know that this can be viewed as a sign that the universe was sending me abundance. Unfortunately, I rejected it by not picking it up. My thoughts were “what will people think if they see me pick money off the ground?”

1 minute later I ran past a purse that someone had dropped. I feel really bad, but again I didn’t pick it up. I could have got it back to its owner whereas the person who would eventually pick it up might keep it. The universe was giving me the opportunity to return abundance to others. In light of not picking the penny up, I believe the universe was testing me because I like to think I always do the right thing… but this time I didn’t.

5 minutes later I ran past 2 lotto scratch cards. They were face down so I couldn’t see if they had been scratched off or not but again I didn’t pick them up. I had just spent 5 minutes beating myself up and telling myself “next time I’ll pick it up” yet I still didn’t.

I realised that I was sabotaging myself by sending signs to the universe that abundance was not important to me, even though that’s not true. So I decided to work out the reason I was sabotaging myself so that I could upgrade my behaviour.

The first thing that came to mind was that I didn’t want to be judged. Normally I don’t care what others think so there had to be more to it than that. I asked for help in a Facebook group that I’m a member of to unravel my thoughts.

Who are you afraid of judging you?

Someone in the group asked “who are you afraid of judging you and what will they say” That question helped me realise two things:

  • I was afraid of people thinking I was poor. This brought back a memory of money being tight when I was young and having holes in my school socks and hearing people talking behind my back.
  • I was afraid of someone thinking I would steal the money in the purse rather than try to get it back to its owner. That brought back the memory of getting caught taking money from my Mum’s purse

Both memories were filled with shame. the tagline of my website is Be More Brazen. The definition of brazen is bold and without shame yet here I was allowing my abundance to be impacted by shame.

The funny thing is, I felt shame for not doing the right thing and picking the purse up and although shame is never a useful emotion, in this case, it was at least useful. It was a signal to me that I had done the wrong thing whereas shame about what people might or might not think is just plain ridiculous.

Where are you leaving money and opportunities?

The next great question I was asked was “where else are you leaving money and opportunities lying on the path in your life” I immediately thought of 2 examples in the last few weeks that I had let pass by. I dread to think what the total sum of lost opportunities was over the years.

No failure only feedback

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I truly believe that there is no failure only feedback so in this case the lessons and reminders I got from this situation were:

  • It doesn’t matter if its true, it matters if it’s useful.  Was the universe really sending me a sign, I don’t know but it’s definitely helpful for me to believe that the universe has my back.
  • I need to continue to work on caring less about what others think.
  • I still feel shame in some situations.
  • It’s essential to get to the root cause of the problem if you want to change your mindset.
  • Ask,ask, ask. If I had not asked for help and allowed myself to be vulnerable in the Facebook group that I mentioned then I would not have been able to get to the root of the problem.

Are You Brave Enough To Make The World A Better Place?

I would like to bet that if you could change the world and make it a better place you would. Sadly if I asked most people if they could change the world, they would say no.

The thing is you can…

We can all change the world

You can change the world for the better just by being the best version of you. It’s not easy though, being the best version of you takes bravery!

You might not think of being your best self as something you need bravery but keep reading, and I’m going to tell you why courage is exactly what it takes.

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What If World Peace Starts With Self-Love?

I don’t watch the news. There is so much devastation across the world and I prefer to focus on the kindness that exists. My Mum thinks that’s naive of me… maybe you do too and thats ok, its ok to have a different point of view. I’m confident and comfortable enough not to let other peoples opinions affect how I think about myself… most of the time!

I say most of the time because I’m human and sometimes self-doubt crops up… but I have strategies to deal with the gremlins and get back on track.

So although I don’t watch the news it would be virtually impossible not be aware of the events in Orlando… or in the UK about the recent murder of a politician

And every-time I look at Facebook there is someone highlighting other atrocities that are taking place yet don’t get as much cover due to where they are in the world.

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Make Better Choices

In very basic terms coaching is about supporting clients to get from where they are now to where they want to be… in other words to achieve their goal.

Sounds simple doesn’t it…  except some people aren’t entirely sure where they want to be… they just know that they don’t want to be where they are now!

Some people just want to be happy with what they have because they discovered that the new car, new partner, bigger house, promotion, more money… whatever it is that they thought would make them happy made no difference whatsoever!

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How To Cope When You’re In A Pit Of Despair

pit of despair

One of my most popular free ebooks is “The Busy Womans Energy Guide”   <<<Click to get a copy

However I’m the first to admit that sometimes the advice in the ebook is “too little too late”. The guide is for women who are managing to juggle the balls most of the time. Maybe balls are being dropped more often but at least to the outside work youre holding it all together.

What happens when it all comes crashing down around you though and you end up of work or so ill you have to cancel appointments with clients. I know what that feels like, that is exactly what happened to me a few year ago and I was dropped into a pit of despair that lead to me walking away from a career that I had loved at one time.

I was devastated so I’m now passionate about helping women to do what they need to do so they don’t get to that stage. But if you are already in that very dark and lonely pit of despair then this is a video you need to watch

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Do You Need More Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and those of others. It may be the skill you need to develop if you need to convert more prospects to customers. Emotional Intelligence includes:


  1. Emotional awareness, including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others
  2. An ability to use emotions for things like problems solving
  3. The ability to regulate your own emotions
  4. Being able to cheer up or calm down another person

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What Are Angel Cards?

angel cards

You have probably heard of tarot or oracle cards… angel cards are a type of tarot card. They are both used for the same purpose – doing readings, exploring oneself and divining the future. Tarot cards never particularly resonated with me but then I found angel cards and was drawn to buy a set.

Then my logical brain kicked in and…

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