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How To Start Putting Yourself First

If there were only one thing, I could teach clients it would be the importance of putting yourself first.

It has been an absolutely CRAZY year for me. I’ve had some very severe lows with the illness and then the death of my beloved Step Father. I’ve also had some incredible highs, mainly due to the accomplishments of my two amazing kids. The roller coaster of my life over the last 12 months has meant my business was put very much on the back burner. A couple of years ago the lows would have probably pushed me into anxiety and depression.

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How To Set Boundaries

how to set boundaries

One of the biggest hurdles for women today is setting boundaries and actually sticking to them. I’m sure you know you “should” have better boundaries. But a woman who is successful AND fulfilled knows how to set boundaries AND much more importantly how to stick to them. If you don’t learn to stick to enforce your boundaries then you will spend precious time and mental energy comparing yourself to others and simply feel like an failure! Continue reading