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12 Step Worry Test.

When there is something in your mind that you can’t stop worrying about – try applying the 12 step Worry Test.


1. Will worrying help the situation? Will it make a positive difference?

2. Will it make things worse in the meantime? Will it negatively affect my health, my relationships, my general state of mind?

3. Can I do anything about this? If Yes – then do it. If No – then why worry?

4. What is the worst that can happen? Can I handle that?

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Let go of Anger and Resentment


Are you holding onto anger and resentment? Who is it hurting, you or the person you are angry with?

What does that anger and resentment do to you? Does it help the situation or make you feel better? Maybe it’s time to draw a line in the sand, leave anger and resentment behind and choose to feel something different instead. It’s up to you what you replace it with but how about: