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Dealing With The Unknown

Unpredictability is always part of our lives but right now the level of the unknown is off the scale. No matter how much we plan and prepare, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. For some of us, this is a terrifying thought. For others, the mystery is one of the best things about life. No matter which group you fall in, these nine tips will help you deal with an unpredictable life

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5 Things To Do To Get Anxiety Under Control

We all have times when we lose our mojo. Sometimes it goes further than that though. Here are 5 things you can do to get anxiety under control

According to Mind a mental health crisis is

“when you feel your mental health is at breaking point. For example, you might be experiencing:

I do not claim to be an expert in mental health issues but I’ve certainly experienced them.

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How To Cope When You’re In A Pit Of Despair

pit of despair

One of my most popular free ebooks is “The Busy Womans Energy Guide”   <<<Click to get a copy

However I’m the first to admit that sometimes the advice in the ebook is “too little too late”. The guide is for women who are managing to juggle the balls most of the time. Maybe balls are being dropped more often but at least to the outside work youre holding it all together.

What happens when it all comes crashing down around you though and you end up of work or so ill you have to cancel appointments with clients. I know what that feels like, that is exactly what happened to me a few year ago and I was dropped into a pit of despair that lead to me walking away from a career that I had loved at one time.

I was devastated so I’m now passionate about helping women to do what they need to do so they don’t get to that stage. But if you are already in that very dark and lonely pit of despair then this is a video you need to watch

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Learn How To Calm Down, Relieve Anger And Reduce Stress

how to relieve anger

Anger is an emotion that tells us that something is wrong but first we need to know how to relieve anger and calm down enough to figure out the message it contains. Anger may even help us to get out of dangerous situations, but sometimes the threats are just perceived and anger is not an appropriate emotion.

The anger itself is not the main problem though. It may help you to try to feel less angry in some situations, but for the most part your goal should be to learn how to quickly calm down, so that you can learn from it and start to express yourself in a healthier way.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned – Buddha

You have probably heard this quote before but even if you haven’t you probably realise that anger isn’t one of the best emotions to experience.  BUT, are you one of the many people that believe that they “can’t help getting angry” and that stress is just a part of life that we have to accept?

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8 Simple Stress Relief Tips

strategies for less stress

Most of us wouldn’t think of stress relief tips as lifesavers but…

Stress is one of the biggest health problems faced by people every day. Often we think of stress as part of life or something that we just have to accept. In a way that’s true, very few people never have any stress at all but it can literally be a killer unless stress relief tips become part of your day!

Stress can be a motivator and we all have a different tolerance for stress. However chronic stress can creep up on us slowly and get such a tight grip that it becomes debilitating. Chronic stress can lead to a variety of health problems as well. This is why it’s important that you learn how to handle everyday stress in a healthy way.

Below are 8 simple stress relief tips to help you live a better life

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Does Money Stress You Out?

I’m feeling really pleased with myself lately because this is THE FIRST YEAR EVER that I haven’t used debt / credit to pay for Christmas. For a long time, I had the belief that I was bad with money and there was simply nothing I could do about that. I WAS bad with money, that was true, no matter how much I earned I simply could not save or live within a budget. Money stress was a problem for me even when I had a good job so when money was tight after first starting my business the money stress just got worse and worse, especially around Christmas!

But I knew that believing I couldn’t change was holding me back. After all what is the point of growing a successful business if I had nothing to show for it. So I set about changing my beliefs…

You might find this a little surprising, but saving money is a state of mind. Successfully stashing away your cash to achieve a goal and sticking to it when something shiny comes along takes an attitude, not just a few simple tricks.

Here’s how you can develop the right attitude and start working towards your goal today so money stress becomes a thing of the past. Continue reading

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter just like exercise can boost your health.

Not only does it alleviate stress in the short term by releasing endorphins and encouraging you to take in more oxygen rich air but it also has long benefits because it supports the immune system, improves blood pressure, stimulate the organs and reduces pain.

You don’t need to watch a funny film just 10 minutes or less of watching funny youtube clips will do the trick so save some favourites to your smart phone.

Here are some of my favourites…


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