How to achieve your childhood dream

I wanted to share one of the most inspirational videos I have ever watched.

When someone first shared it on Facebook I was curious, but as it was over an hour long I thought I would watch the first

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few minutes before moving on to something else. I watched it from start to end and I loved it and I’ve watched it at regular intervals since and I still love it!!

If you haven’t come across it before, Randy Pausch is a Carnegie Mellon Professor, who was dying of pancreatic cancer. He gave his last lecture “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” at the university in September 2007. He gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

It is inspirational, educational, moving and funny and if you carve 1 hours 15 minutes out of your day to watch it right the way through I guarantee that you will pleased you did.
You can watch the video at the end of the post but first here are some of my favourite Randy Pausch quotes:

How To Deal With Backstabbers

how go cope with backstabbers

Before starting my business one of the things I loved in my job was the friendships I made. Unfortunately like most people I had to learn how to cope with backstabbers too.

Recently I had lunch with an old colleague of mine who asked my advice on how to cope with backstabbers. She told me about one person in particular who seemed to be out to cause as much trouble as possible for her.

Melanie is fantastic at her job in my opinion, she is well respected and liked by others in her department. However, she can be a bit too honest rather than “corporate”. She is certainly not afraid to speak her mind. Her honesty has made her unpopular with some colleagues who feel threatened by her.

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