6 Ways to Be More Resilient

Do you need to be more resilient? No, you don’t need to be but if you want to be happier, less stressed or more successful then yes, you do! It doesn’t matter how talented or intelligent you are if you’re not resilient you’ll never make the most of your abilities.

Think about the five most successful people you know. The chances are they’re talented AND resilient.

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Dealing With The Unknown

Unpredictability is always part of our lives but right now the level of the unknown is off the scale. No matter how much we plan and prepare, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. For some of us, this is a terrifying thought. For others, the mystery is one of the best things about life. No matter which group you fall in, these nine tips will help you deal with an unpredictable life

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Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome

Is your life affected by feeling like a fraud? Do you ever worry that you’ll be exposed when someone gives you praise? Do you think your achievements are down to luck? If so, you are probably experiencing Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome was first mentioned in the 1970s by psychologists studying successful women, now we know that men are also affected. 

Around 70% of adults have experienced Imposter Syndrome at some point in their life.  However, you might be especially vulnerable when trying something new or celebrating something like a job promotion.

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I thought I’d given up shame

shame on you

I have just been for a run, and the universe was definitely sending me signs. As a coach I thought I’d given up shame. But I discovered that I still experience shame and more importantly it’s been holding me back

First I ran past a penny on the ground. If you are spiritual, you’ll know that this can be viewed as a sign that the universe was sending me abundance. Unfortunately, I rejected it by not picking it up. My thoughts were “what will people think if they see me pick money off the ground?”

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5 Things To Do To Get Anxiety Under Control

We all have times when we lose our mojo. Sometimes it goes further than that though. Here are 5 things you can do to get anxiety under control

According to Mind a mental health crisis is

“when you feel your mental health is at breaking point. For example, you might be experiencing:

I do not claim to be an expert in mental health issues but I’ve certainly experienced them.

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Are You Brave Enough To Make The World A Better Place?

I would like to bet that if you could change the world and make it a better place you would. Sadly if I asked most people if they could change the world, they would say no.

The thing is you can…

We can all change the world

You can change the world for the better just by being the best version of you. It’s not easy though, being the best version of you takes bravery!

You might not think of being your best self as something you need bravery but keep reading, and I’m going to tell you why courage is exactly what it takes.

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How To Start Putting Yourself First

If there were only one thing, I could teach clients it would be the importance of putting yourself first.

It has been an absolutely CRAZY year for me. I’ve had some very severe lows with the illness and then the death of my beloved Step Father. I’ve also had some incredible highs, mainly due to the accomplishments of my two amazing kids. The roller coaster of my life over the last 12 months has meant my business was put very much on the back burner. A couple of years ago the lows would have probably pushed me into anxiety and depression.

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