Easy Peasy (Science Based) Happiness Habits Direct To Your Inbox

It's Time To Take Your Life Back... To Be The REAL YOU!

 It's Time To Be More Resilient!

You CAN feel HAPPY, CONFIDENT and FULFILLED simply by being the REAL YOU!

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    STOP feeling like a doormat!
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    QUIT putting yourself last!
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    LOSE worry and self doubt!
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    START setting boundaries!
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    TAKE control of your life!
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    FIND your inner strength!

Now Is The Time To Say:

GOODBYE to a life of chaos, doubt and guilt and HELLO to a happy life that simply works


to a life of chaos, doubt & guilt!


to a happy life that simply works!

Hi, I'm Julia

I teach women how to be more resilient so they can take their life back and finally be happy, confident and fulfilled without feeling guilty!

Are you ready to live a bigger, bolder, brighter life?… to have a life you love and a future that excites you?

I know that deep down you believe it’s possible and that you understand only you can make it happen…

Right now the only thing holding you back is you!

What Others Have Said:


In less than 3 months Julia has coached me within my own business to reach goals I did not think were possible from a ‘work from home’ business. With her support and encouragement I found myself looking at my work/life balance from a completely different perspective and this has allowed me to achieve a lot in the short time I’ve been in this line of work.

 Emma Elliott


Woo hoo best coach EVER (only sign up with Julia if you want massive results!)

 Marla Bishop

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