Take Your Life Back

with Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner Julia Harris


I hired Julia as a Business Coach to help me with sudden business strategy overwhelm following the birth of my first child. With baby brain, a newborn and a business I was struggling to get clarity on what I needed to do to help me reach my goals and to organize a structured and realistic plan, without pressurized time frames that would mean more stress and less time enjoying motherhood.

I was finding it a fine balancing act running a business without it taking time away from my son, after all, I hadn’t gone into self-employment to not be able to have as much time with him as I wanted!

Immediately (and I mean immediately) Julia identified a block and discussed solutions to get me on track, she also very quickly supported me in devising a strategy that I could manage and gave me HUGE amounts of technical advice that would have taken me hours to research and learn myself.

She is a whizz clearing blocks, helping get clarity on business goals and developing business and marketing strategies that are relevant to where you are at that moment. I felt supported and filled with information and enthusiasm to get going after being stalled by a huge life change. Quickly I was back on my path and moving with flow between my two roles (motherhood and entrepreneurship).

Rebecca Grainger

Woo hoo best coach EVER (Only sign up with Julia if you want massive results!)

Marla Bishop
Love Rules Online

In less than 3 months Julia has coached me within my own business to reach goals I did not think were possible from a ‘work from home’ business. With her support and encouragement I found myself looking at my work/life balance from a completely different perspective and this has allowed me to achieve a lot in the short time I’ve been in this line of work.

Emma Elliott
Aloe Freedom

Before my session with you I felt very fuzzy about the situation. There were so many issues, eventualities and worries going around and around in my mind. I found that I was just spinning on my wheels and not progressing in my work. Your session really helped to clear these, and helped me to see with clarity that this is simply a block, that the things that I was worried about may not even eventuate, but if they do I have the strength and wisdom to see them through with solutions already mapped out should the worst happen. There was no excuse to keep stalling, and I have already started to write about my experience which was what my concerns had prevented me from doing. I’d really recommend that anyone who is feeling blocked, overwhelmed or stuck with a situation have a session with you to get clarity and a simple action plan. Thanks for your help!

Keri Williams

Julia's Focus session gave me so much clarity about what I was missing in my life. I wondered for months, and just felt "off". I lacked excitement and was often unsettled by it. Julia helped me to see the things that are really valuable and most important in my life. I am now clear and focused on how I should be living my life and running my business. Thank you Julia!

Jenn Scalia

Julia holds such a safe and powerful space to explore and resolve issues.I would highly recommend her work for anyone who is stuck or foggy around an issue that is holding you back.

I'm feeling very focused and prepared now & can't wait to finally move out of this but will enjoy the journey on the way to my result"

Sarah Leather

Connecting with you has helped me complete a very important part in a lengthy and difficult process. What heartfelt relief!

Austin, Texas

If it wasn't for our conversation earlier this week I doubt I would have reached this point for at least another 6 months if at all.

Joanne Williams 

The sessions gave me the tools to realise where I was going wrong and started to show me that simple small steps can get great results fast. My life since finishing the programme has been more calm. My family have noticed results and my better mood has altered the general mood in the house (for the better)

K Unwin 

Julia helped me to evaluate my approach to parenting and to consider, explore and develop a wide range of possibilities. I realised that I was stuck in a rut and found it hard to effectively manage my daily workload and to deal with unexpected events. Conversations with Julia helped me to adopt a fluid approach and to be more flexible with how I planned and did things. This helped me to reduce my stress levels and to become much more comfortable with handling unexpected situations, as well as using my time in more productive ways. Now, I have direction in my life and feeling uplifted


I looked to Julia for help in developing more patience in both my personal life and my professional life. She helped me to explore my current situation and understand how my thought process was potentially setting me up for failure. We agreed upon a “destination” on where I want to be in the future and then set out to develop a strategy to achieve the desired result. Julia introduced me to different tools and techniques including anchoring techniques. In addition to the strategy and techniques, she helped me set challenging, but achievable goals that we discussed weekly as a way of tracking my progress

Austin, Texas

I had 3 sessions with Julia during which I set myself various goals and achieved them all thanks to her coaching expertise. What I really liked about working with Julia was her warm, calm yet investigative manner in which she handled our discussions. Her questions were thought provoking and made absolute sense in the context of the session. As a result, I was made aware of things that perhaps were bubbling under the surface but with Julia’s help, I was able to turn the negatives into positives really quickly. Julia is a fantastic, inspiring coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to make even the smallest changes in their lives

A Lazarus